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Celebrated Publishers Propagate ‘Information Feudalism’

Title: Celebrated Publishers Propagate ‘Information Feudalism’Cover Page
Author: Tania Sebastian
Affiliation: Gujarat National Law University
Issue: Law & Order – Volume 6 Issue 1
Publisher: Yonsei University Press
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As we step into yet another year, we might well be on our way towards a prediction made in the lines of information being controlled and monitored by few, coming true. This theory in the form of the prediction, when extended to the infamous lawsuit by the celebrated publishers of OUP, CUP and Taylor & Francis’s challenge to the alleged crime of a photocopier at Delhi University for unauthorized reproduction and issuance of copies of their academic publications, can yield to an unhealthy trend of few intellectual property hyper-enthusiasts advocates standing in the way of the larger picture of education dissemination to the masses. This article analyses the shortcoming of the arguments of the publishers while emphasizing on the characteristics of feudalism in such situations.

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