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Emerging Donors and Knowledge Sharing for Development: The Case of Korea

Title: Emerging Donors and Knowledge Sharing for Development: The Case of KoreaFALL2013 COVER OUT IMAGE
Author: Moctar Aboubacar
Affiliation: A Project Manager at the World Food Program’s Rwanda Country Office
Issue: Changes & Transitions – Volume 5 Issue 2
Publisher: Yonsei University Press
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The field of international development cooperation has been heavily influenced by “emerging donors”, countries which have seen significant development and which have begun to form their own international development programs. Countries like South Korea are capitalizing on their own development history to engage developing countries to learn from successful past policy experiences. However South Korea’s burgeoning knowledge sharing programs present an important set of pitfalls; the state’s quasi-monopoly over how the country’s past development is interpreted, along with the narrow conception of the development experiences to be shared both limit the effectiveness of exporting such policies. Korea can capitalize on the wealth of lessons from its past development on the international stage if it presents a convincing heterodox paradigm for development while opening up interpretations of the past to wider societal debate, and if it shifts to an understanding of its own development history which transcends sole economic interpretations.

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