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A Paradoxical American Foreign Policy: Pivot to Asia

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Title: A Paradoxical American Foreign Policy: Pivot to Asia
Author: Jung Taek Lim
Affiliation: Yonsei University
Issue: Peace & Stability – Volume 7 Issue 1
Publisher: Yonsei University Press
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Since Obama assumed office, his foreign policy aim was to reinvigorate Asia under the title of “Pivot to Asia”. Obama and his cabinet members unequivocally articulated that the strategy is designed not to agitate China, but to build more amicable ambiance for further economic-relations. However, U.S.-Japan security ties check China’s ambition in the Southeast China Sea and Washington-Beijing diplomatic discord is inevitable. The Obama’s Asia strategy illustrates a paradox that exists between economic and security realms. This paper analyzes Obama’s foreign policy in Asia and its implications for the region.